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Източно учение - Свами Шивамурти Сарасвати

Swami Sivamurti Saraswati was born and raised in Australia. In 1976 her guru, Swami Satyananda Saraswati, initiated her into Poorna Sannyasa and commissioned her to spread the teachings of yoga in Greece. In 1978 she founded Satyanandashram Hellas which comprises a residential ashram in Paiania and Satyananda Yoga Centres in both Athens, Salonica and other towns in Greece. Swami Sivamurti is a member of the International Yoga Fellowship Movement and, in 1993, she was recognized by the IYFM as a yoga Acharya. In 2004 she was appointed an official emissary of Satyananda Yoga by the Bihar School of Yoga. She is also a guardian of the Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe and a member of its Governing Body.

Swami Sivamurti is based at the Paiania ashram and travels regularly throughout Greece, and other parts of the world, giving seminars and lecturing on yoga.

Her theme will be, 'Yoga and Tantra - Living Consciously'.